The Bachelor of Science in Data Science program provides the students with the necessary domain expertise to manage, analyze and explore data that will lead to accurate decisions. Graduates will be equipped with the skills to pursue careers in data-driven industries and organizations.

The degree is designed primarily to address the growing need for data scientists based on projected local and global demands. Graduates are expected to perform vital functions in big data management such as storage, analysis and interpretation for better and faster decision making.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of  BS Data Science can work on wide array fields and industries which may be categorized according to:

Data Scientist Business Information Techonology Academician
  • data specialist
  • data analyst
  • data engineer
  • data strategist
  • planning and decision analyst
  • business analyst
  • banking
  • finance
  • business intelligence engineer
  • product analyst
  • market analyst
  • sales analyst 
  • database developer
  • database analyst and administrator
  • developer and analyst
  • software developer
  • web analyst


  • Statistician 
  • Teacher
  • Researcher