Student Research

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Sierra, H. D., Audian, A.V., Commuter Satisfaction and Economic Impact of TNVS to the Taxi Industry, presented during the 2018 National Convention of the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines, Cebu City.


Aguilar, E. N., Impact of Diversifying Financial Portfolio Beyond the Philippine Market into the ASEAN.


Berte, V.N. F., A proposed Maternal, Neonatal, and Unborn Child Life Insurances (MNUCLI) as New Term Life Insurance Product in the Philippines.


Bonifacio, J.J. T., Analysis of Estimated Travel Time Accuracy of Crowdsourced Data from Waze as a Basis for Car-Booking Feature.


Dyangco, K.G. C., Study on Retirement Planning Behavior in Metro Manila.


Kiongson, G. E., A Capstone Study on the Efficiency of Compulsory Insurance of Motor Vehicle Against Liabilities for Damage Caused to Third Parties in the Philippines.


Perez, M.R. V., Estimation of Mortality Attributed to Smoking in Navotas City.


Pradia, M.A. F., Analysis of Financial Literacy using Logistic Regression.


Robles, P. T., A Causality Analysis Between Population and Economic Development.




Adina, E.M., Gorospe, C. J. B., One-Factor Estimation of Interest Rate Using Vasicek and CIR Models, presented during the 2017 National Convention of the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines, Buenavista, Guimaras.


Aseron, J.A. T., Effects of Inflation Rates ansd Solvency of the Top Five Life Insurance Companies for Fiscal Years 2006 – 2015


Cataluna, L.B., Causality Analysis: Telecommunications, Economic Growth, and Poverty in the



Chua, B.W. B., Relationship Between Deayh Caused by Smoke-Related Diseases and Habitat in the City of Manila.


Gernale, A. A., Intermarket Causality Analysis in the Philippines.


Malicsi, C. T., Relationship Between Philippine Government Expenditure and Revenue.




Adina, E. M., Punzalan, A. P., Validation of Bi-directional Feedback Model of Stock Prices and Exchange Rates, presented during the 2016 National Convention of the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP), Puerto Princesa, Palawan.




Adina, E. M., Quintos, J.A. T., Simulating the Evolution of Stock Prices and Option Pricing: An Application of the Geometric Brownian Motion and Black Scholes through Monte Carlo Methods, presented during the 2015 International Conference on Mathematics Education (MATHTED), Baguio City.




Adina, E. M., Casacop, A. G., Assessing Wealth Distribution Using the Gini Index, presented during the 2014 Annual Research Convention of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines – Cebu Chapter, Cebu City.