Exit Exam Link: bit.ly/MUMATHEXIT6
The math exit examinations will be administered ONLINE - ON SITE on November 02, 2022, 1:00 - 5:00pm.  

Specific guidelines for the conduct of 1Q exit exam will be posted as soon as it is available. 

Students who intend to take the exam are advised to observe the following:
1. Registration
a. You will be asked to login to your mymail.mapua.edu.ph to fill in the form.
b. Student numbers will be used only for exit exam registration purposes.
c. Be sure to identify the type of exam you wish to take, whether Math 147X or Math148X. Please refer to your curriculum. The department will not check which exam is required in your curriculum and will administer the exam based from what is indicated in the form.  
d. After registration, students will be billed for Mathematics Exit Exam. Cancellation of billings will not be allowed, but all payments made will remain valid until the exit exam is taken. Students who fail to show up during the scheduled exam can use the payment for the next exit exam schedule. 
e. Deadline of registration is on October 27, 2022 2pm.

2. Payment
Pay the exam fee. You are encouraged to pay ONLINE using your MyMapua account.
Kindly course the payment thru RCBC Bankard, Land Bank of the Philippines and Pay Maya.
These channels accept payments using debit or credit cards.
Posting is also done real time. However, if you prefer to pay Over the Counter thru RCBC or Cebuana Lhuillier, kindly use the Reference No. 2018177777 instead of the student number for easier classification of payment.
Posting of payment is done the following working day.

3. Be Updated
Check your Cardinal Edge account at least two days before the scheduled examination. Additional guidelines and other updates will be posted in Cardinal Edge. 

4. Health protocols (OnSite Option)
a. Send proof of vaccination to f2f_documents@mapua.edu.ph.
b. On the day of examination, do not forget to accomplish the health declaration form either online (dhc.mapua.edu.ph) or via the designated kiosks at the entrance gate of the school.

For questions regarding exit exams and Request for Online -Offsite Exit Exam
Email: emadina@mapua.edu.ph / mrnbueno@mapua.edu.ph / mlaalacapuno@mapua.edu.ph / math@mapua.edu.ph

Online-Offsite Exit Exam may be granted only on the following grounds (supporting documents required):
(a) Currently abroad (except those traveling on leisure and vacation)
(b) Currently living outside and far from NCR with no available transportation modes to and from Manila
(c) Other compelling and justifiable reasons, subject to evaluation and approval of the Chairman of the Department of Mathematics.
(d) Currently under UOx program/course (e.g., BSEE-O, MATH147 or MATH148 with FOPI01 as section)