Ma. Christina A. Valerio


M.S. Environmental Engineering, Mapúa Institute of Technology
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Mapúa Institute of Technology

Phone: 247-5000 local 1301

Email:  mcavalerio


Honors and Awards

  • Best Paper (OBE Category) in MTAP-TL International Convention held in Cebu City, July  2018.
    Title of Paper: Multiple Attempt Strategy as a Method of Learning    Enhancement in Calculus and Differential Equation
  • Best Paper in MTAP-TL Annual Convention held in Guimaras Province, July 2017
    Title of Paper: Research-Based Performance Tasks in Teaching Mathematics for the Attainment of High Level Cognition
  • Best Paper Presentor MTAP-TL International Convention held in Baguio City, July 2015
    Title of Paper: Simple Machine Program as a Learning Task in the Attainment of Higher Order Thinking in Linear Algebra


  • Conference proceeding in the International Convention on Sustainable Engineering Technologies held in  Manila, Oct. 2013 

Title of Paper: Enhancement of Phosphorus Removal by Microwave Chemical Pretreatment On Dairy Manure

Research Interest

  • Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mathematics  Education
Consultation Schedule 
  • MWF 12:00 NN - 3:00 PM
  • Tue 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • 933 0514 7981
  • 8q596x 
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