The Mathematics Department


    As a forerunner in technological advancement, the Mathematics Department envisions a scientifically creative individual with sound moral, social and spiritual values who is an agent of transformation in a rapid changing global society.


    Critically aware of its role in national growth and transformation, the Mathematics Department is committed to provide and promote the pursuits of quality education in the field of Mathematics, academic culture of performance and technological advancement through its integrated approach in the development of the whole person.  This is a collaborative endeavour of qualified, dedicated and effective administration, faculty and school personnel in an adequately well-maintained facilities.


1.    To provide the students with a solid foundation and a quality education in the field of Basic Mathematics to meet the necessary knowledge in this field in their area of specialization and to cope up with the rapid change in technology.
2.    To cultivate and develop the students analytical and methodological abilities in solving various mathematical problems.
3.    To promote to the fullest the use of latest network technologies through the concept of e-learning distance education.