MSM Batch Alpha Application

        As the school year began, the Mathematical Society of Mapua opened its doors once again to new applicants. The application period began on August 17, 2020, and ended on October 2, 2020. It was organized by the membership committee headed by Liam Marie De Leon and Mhel Roween Cenidoza. The organization aimed to recruit new applicants from the freshmen of Batch 2020 but was also opened to higher batches who are interested in joining MSM. 

     The applicants for this school year are named Batch Alpha, which is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. This transition was to symbolize a new beginning for MSM along with its new set of officers and a redesigned logo. Additionally, the word Alpha symbolizes their dominance in Mapua which can be achieved through the organization's objective to enhance the mathematical skills of its members through tutorials. At the end of the registration period, there were around 120 applicants for Batch Alpha.